Bookmakers agree Spain have good chance

Now most of the big competitions like the Premier League are over, our focus as football fans is now firmly set on this summer’s Euro 2016 competition. After a dreadful year with very little to celebrate with his Chelsea teammates, he’ll be eager to get his hands on one of the football world’s most sought after pieces of silverware.

Looking at the odds that the bookmakers are offering on comparison site Bookmakers, it’s clear they think that there is a big chance that Fabregas will be getting his hands on that trophy at the end of the tournament.

At the moment the bookmakers are struggling to agree on who is the favourite to win the tournament, but there is definitely a consensus amongst them that it’s going to be one of three teams. France, Germany and Spain currently all have very similar odds.

Although France and Germany are both currently ahead of Spain in every major site on the Bookmaker website, that could all change as soon as the first ball is kicked or even if one of their star players gets injured. Luckily you can find which bookmakers is offering the best odds while they change on the Bookmakers website who will have full coverage of Euro 2016 from now until the trophy is lifted.

So what have France and Germany got that could upset Fabregas’ chances of lifting a trophy with his national side Spain. Well one obvious advantage for France is that this is their home tournament. They’ll know the grounds, the climate and obviously their support will be a lot louder and more intimidating than any other county’s twelfth man. They’ve also managed to add some very impressive fresh blood to their already strong squad.

Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris was one of the main reasons Tottenham came so close to winning the Premier League this season, so France should be a hard team to score against. Paul Pogba has also impressed at Juventus, so much so that he’s reported to be on Manchester United’s wish list for the transfer window. After they defeated Russia 4-2 in their last friendly before the competition, you can see why most odds on the Bookmakers website are in France’s favour.

Despite a poor showing in the qualifying rounds, Germany are still the World Champions and have the skill and talent to be able to win the Euro 2016 trophy as well. Their defeat to the Republic of Ireland was a big shock to Football fans around the world in their last qualification game for the tournament. Their defeats to France and England in the following friendlies will also come as a big blow to their confidence. But as they showed in their 4-1 win over Italy in their last friendly, they are capable of great things

Although France and Germany might have a lot to feel confident about, they are still far from the Euro 2016 final and Spain has every chance of stopping one of them from getting there. Apart from a shock loss to Macedonia, they breezed through their qualification rounds with a strong team. They look a lot stronger than the side that was humiliated at the World Cup two years ago. Now he has some of the world’s best players like Iniesta and Busquets by his side, there is every chance Fabregas could win Euro 2016.