Cesc Fabregas still regards Arsene Wenger

Cesc Fabregas may no longer be in the good books of Arsenal fans after joining one of their main rivals Chelsea two years ago, but he still regards Arsene Wenger as the manager who changed his career.

Fabregas came through the famous Barcelona youth academy but was rarely given a chance to prove himself in the first team primarily because he joined Arsenal as a teenager. He went on to feature in numerous games early on in his career. Wenger placed a lot of trust in the Spaniard and he repaid with excellent results.

Even though Arsenal have not been successful for the majority of the seasons since the invincible campaign, there have been positives along the way like Fabregas. After a small stint back with Barcelona, Fabregas was brought back to English football by former Chelsea boss José Mourinho. He took to the Premier League like a duck to the water after managing to help the club win the league title in his first season. Even though his second campaign has been less than influential, he was regarded as a key member of Mourinho’s team. Even then, he says that Wenger is probably the most important manager according to him since the Frenchman was the one who provided the chances when he desperately needed them.

“Arsene Wenger was probably the most important because he gave me the real chance, the chance that everyone needs and everyone wants.After that it’s up to you to prove that they are right, they are wrong, it’s in your hands, but he gave me the chance.He took me when I was only 16 – he made me a better player, a better person. I always considered him like a father figure, like a second father.And for that Wenger is a special manager and a special person,” said Fabregas.