Champions League eludes Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas has had a fairly impressive career as the Spanish midfielder has won numerous titles from different leagues and has played an important role in just about every club where he has joined and performed in.

However, there is a title that seems to be out of the reach of Cesc Fabregas, the Champions League. It was with Arsenal when he almost managed to seal the prestigious European title but it just slipped away from him back in May of 2006 when Arsenal reached the finals of the Champions League as they faced off with Barcelona and ultimately lost 1-2 against the Spanish club.

Fabregas is 28 years old and still has enough time to add the Champions League title to his collection but in Stamford Bridge this might be next to impossible, especially taking into consideration the current state of Chelsea.

Chelsea is struggling to even compete and get into the top 10 spots of the Premier League and any chance for them to win a big title such as the Champions League is not something that they have a realistic chance of lifting anytime soon.

There are many other things that the head officials of Chelsea have to do before even start taking into consideration competing in the European competition. One of the more urgent matters is who will take charge of the squad after Guus Hiddink’s time runs up - the bookies favourite at the moment is Tottenham's Mauricio Pochettino, but he is also being heavily linked with Manchester United.

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By the time that Chelsea does manage work everything out, this could take a few seasons which could be too much time for the Spanish midfielder and if he has any desire of lifting the Champions League, it would be a better option for him to make a move away from Stamford Bridge.

Fabregas is a player who is consistently being linked with numerous clubs as there are many managers who would want to secure his services and leaving Chelsea wouldn’t be so difficult for him to do and still have a good chance of joining another top club that is more likely of not only lifting the Champions League silverware but other big competitions as well.