Chelsea Held by United

English Premier League is one of the most elite football leagues of the world as some of the best teams of the world take part in it. Manchester United is among those teams but is now at the hand of the roller coaster as they ended their English Premier League match with a draw against Chelsea.

But if you are getting surprised by this result then there is something more for you. Manchester United lost their previous match against Tottenham Hotspur at their home ground as the visitors humiliated the defense line by putting the ball successfully 6 times. On the other hand, the EPL giant Liverpool lost their match against Aston Villa where they scored only 1 goal in reply to 7 from the opponents. But Manchester United is not a team to lose hopes so early and they defeated Newcastle united with a result of 4-1.

In such a situation both Manchester United and Chelsea started their games slowly and measured the opponent. Neither of the teams allowed the opponents a single inch of ground. Both the teams guarded their areas in the final third. The only move to speak about was from Marcus Rashford but the effort was not fruitful to give his team a lead in the match. Otherwise, the match was not a very entertaining one until the last minute of the game. Manchester United couldn’t get out of the shock of the 6-1 defeat and hold their defensive organization very tightly. Victor Lindelof, who was under the spotlight due to his third-grade performance the other day, was very much cautious so that no ball could pass his legs. He proved that a day can go wrong but the class of the player is permanent. He made 3 clearances along with one interception and a tackle with 56 perfect passes.