The Barcelona midfielder, Cesc Fabregas, has admitted that his team wasn’t at its best in the Champions League match against AC Milan which was played yesterday. But, the Spanish midfielder has assured the fans that the team will bounce back and will make its way into the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Barcelona was defeated by Milan last night. The Italian giants won the match convincingly by 2-0. The match was played at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza.

The two players who found the net for Milan in that match were Kevin-Prince Boateng and Sulley Ali Muntari. Both these players scored goals in the second half of the match.

In the post match press conference, Fabregas said, “We didn’t play that well. It was an average performance by us and we let our supporters down. But, it happens with every team. All the results don’t go in your favour. You have to suffer a few defeats here and there. But, the most important thing is to keep the spirits high. We can still make our way into the quarter finals.”

“We have been in pressure situations in the past well and we have done well under pressure. We can do that again. We will face AC Milan in about three weeks’ time and in that match, we can make up for this defeat. So, everything is not lost. We still have chance.”

Fabregas also hailed the AC Milan team for putting up a great show. The Spaniard said, “They are a world class team and we knew that we would have to face tough competition here. They were really fantastic tonight.”

“I think the second leg is going to be pretty interesting. I am eagerly waiting for that match. Hopefully, we would be able to avenge this defeat on our home ground.”