Cesc Backs Messi

It seems odd to have to report that anyone is trying to defend the two-time winner of the FIFA World Player of the Year Award, but for some reason it is news!?

Cesc Fabregas has jumped to the defence of Lionel Messi, who has been criticised in the press in Spain for not having an absolutely spectacular match each and every time he pulls on the blue and purple shirt of Barcelona.

His performances have still been great though, Cesc says.

"I haven't heard any arguments. He's my age. If you see the progress he's made, I don't think I'll ever see it again. He's won everything, except the World Cup.

"He scores goals every game, makes them, always plays. He's a fabulous player, physically and mentally. If there are doubts about Messi, I don't know how they see the rest of us. I've never played with a player like him, either at youth level or professionally.

"He's humble, never hides, always gives everything for the team, and loves the club. There's nothing more to say."