Which team will win La Liga?

Outside of the English Premier League, La Liga in Spain is one of the most popular leagues for football betting fans to gamble on, and it usually comes down to a straight fight between Real Madrid and Barcelona. This season it has been slightly different, as Madrid have failed to mount a real challenge to Barcelona for the La Liga title, currently sitting no less than sixteen points behind their great rivals as the season enters its latter stages. Indeed at the moment Real are not even second in the league, with their local rivals Atletico occupying this position.

Barcelona’s position at the top of La Liga looks pretty much unassailable, with Atletico in second place twelve points behind.

It is not just the size of the points lead, as Barca simply have too much quality throughout their team for Atletico to have any real chance of pegging them back – which is reflected in the current odds of around 1/200 on Barca to win the title.

Only the most blindly optimistic or reckless would bet against Barcelona with these kinds of odds on them, and most Madrid fans (as well as manager Jose Mourinho) are pinning their hopes on the Champions League to make amends for their poor league season.

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