Fabregas fires a shot towards Arsenal and their FA win

Chelsea’s season of 2016-17 was very impressive as Antonio Conte lifted the English Premier League title during his debut season at the helm of the club but not everything was perfect as they did crash out from the 2017 FA Cup.

The finals of the 2017 FA Cup was played on May 27 of 2017 between Arsenal and Chelsea. Goals from Alexis Sanchez and Aaron Ramsey was enough for the team of Arsene Wenger to claim a triumph as the final scoreboard displayed 2-1 with Chelsea’s only goal arriving from Diego Costa.

When Chelsea was knocked out of the FA Cup, Cesc Fabregas had a few things to say as the Spanish midfielder launched a jab towards Arsenal stating that there is a significant difference in relation to winning the FA Cup and the English Premier League.

‘’It wasn’t easy to lose, but it was still a good season. We go home with a bad taste but we would prefer to win the Premier League to the FA Cup, so it is still a good season’’ Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas said as he was not so disappointed or sad to not win the FA Cup as they had already won the English Premier League silverware in that same season.

For a player that used to perform in Arsenal, this is a very negative thing to say about your former club. Especially a club like Arsenal which has been struggling trying to lift major pieces of silverware since some of their bigger players such as: Fabregas left the Emirates Stadium.

From the looks of it, Fabregas is not afraid to take a jab towards the club where he spent the early stages of his professional career.