Lopetegui hopes the national team can bring positivity

You might not be able to watch it on socagol, but fans of Spanish football will know that the country is having a bit of upheaval at the moment, which has already affected La Liga (with Barca playing a match behind closed doors), and had ramifications for the Spanish national side.

Spain are currently going through a difficult period of time with the recent issues involving the Catalan referendum which resulted with police violence, and Gerard Pique being booed by his own fans. There is a lot of political instability which has started to even affect the Spanish national football team.

Fans will watch Spain's next round of international football matches - streamed online at livestream.services - with interest to see how the situation develops.

Barcelona’s Gerard Pique was at the heart of the controversy, with the player having revealed that he had already voted in the banned referendum, which resulted with a mix of support as well as booing from Spanish football fans who are making their voices be heard in international matches as well as during the training sessions of Spain.

The recent incidents involving Catalan independence have divided Spain, and even forced Gerard Pique to consider retiring from the international scene. The veteran defender himself admitted to the media that its turning into a realistic possibility.

"I have considered quitting but after evaluating it, I think the best solution is to continue. To leave would be to give pleasure to those that have booed me; it would be telling them that they've won” Barcelona’s Pique said

This uncertainty that is going around in Spain is something that the head coach of the Spanish national football team, Julen Lopetegui is hoping that it can be lowered in some way, and de-escalated. He is hoping to accomplish this by having the national side secure victories and possibly even emerge as the champions of the approaching FIFA World Cup.

They play Germany first, in a match-up between two of the most successful teams of the modern era. Thousands of fans are expected to watch online at fussballlivestream.tv, and it will be interesting to see whether Pique and his Barcelona team-mates get booed at the match, which will be taking place in Spain's heartland in Madrid.

“Now is the time to focus on positive things, in football and in the country on the whole. Sport can lead the way in how we should be as a country and you have to celebrate the good things. We were jumping around and singing in the dressing room, celebrating a moment like tonight as you should.”

“I’ve been lucky to have players that have shown so much commitment and their impeccable attitude has helped a lot. We are delighted and proud of what we have achieved because it’s very important for Spain.” Spain’s Julen Lopetegui said.