Chelsea travel to Etihad stadium looking for their first win of the season

Chelsea travel to Etihad stadium looking for their first win of the season in one of the most difficult home grounds to get a result.

Midfielder Cesc Fabregas is aware that Manchester City will post one of the biggest threats for Chelsea between now and end of the season.They have made a stunning start – after a 3-0 win over West Brom – and will be looking to continue the same in front of the champions. The blues have been looking devoid of ideas during pre-season and this poor form has continued into the season as well.

Much was made out of the lack of wins during pre-season. It was dismissed by Chelsea players, who stated that pre-season was only for improving the fitness. The current run of poor form, though, seems to be caused by more than lack of fitness. The players on the game and put aside the off the field issues affecting the club. Fabregas says that a win would be a major boost of confidence for Chelsea, while it would also send a statement of intent too. Chelsea conceded a late goal last week to only secure a draw against Swansea. Chelsea are due a big performance and Fabregas reckons that it may come at Etihad stadium.

"Obviously we want to send out a message. But you cannot say if we win this game that we will win the title or if Manchester City win they will win the title.Last season we played two games with them and there were two draws - both 1-1. Both teams respected each other in both games.We have a plan and hopefully we will play our game the way we want to," said Fabregas. The 28-year-old Spaniard has been criticised for his poor form for the last few months.