There are rumours going on involving who will be the next coach of Chelsea after the end of Guus Hiddink’s contract reaches and there are a lot of names that are being thrown out and Hiddink himself has revealed one of the candidates that he believes that can arrive to Stamford Bridge and take up the managerial position.


Hiddink is expected to leave Chelsea at the end of May and the Premier League club is already searching around for someone who can take charge of the main squad for the years to come and Pep Guardiola has revealed his desire to coach a Premier League club, which is excellent news for Chelsea as they are in need of a manager who was won major titles.

According to Guus Hiddink, Guardiola is a coach that can suit just about any big team in the entire world as he has experience playing in some of the top clubs and has worked alongside world class players.

"He would fit in any big team in the world. He has shown in a very fast career that he is capable of managing a team very well. But it's difficult to say he must go to a certain team in the Premier League and I don't want to put more pressure on managers and directors. Let it come as it comes. He has worked in La Liga, he has worked in the Bundesliga and now he wants to work in the Premier League. I have had this experience" Chelsea’s Guus Hididnk said as he praised Pep Guardiola.

Guardiola is currently the third favourite to take over from Hiddink on bet365, with Hiddink himself topping the charts to become the next permanent manager.

Pep Guardiola still hasn’t decided or announced which club he will be taking charge off after his time in Bayern Munich runs out but the Spanish manager has plenty of time before deciding on what to do and he still has a few things that he wants to accomplish before making his way out of the Allianz Arena.