Fabregas Joins Wilshere to Coach U18s of Gunners

CESC Fabregas is part of the Serie B Como team but currently, he is on a break for three weeks. During this time he has taken up the role of coach for the under-18s of Arsenal. In this role, he is joined by Jack Wilshere who was his former playing teammate. Fabregas was seen on the training ground of the Gunners recently, working with Wilshere. The latter is the manager of the U18 team Arsenal.

While Fabregas is still playing, his former teammate Wilshere announced his retirement from the game in the summer of 2022. Within four days of retiring, he was handed the job of managing the under-18s team. Fabregas also envisions himself as a manager of a football team. Hence, this current role will help him understand what it takes to coach or manage junior teams.

In an interview with Sky Sports, he talked about what he plans to do after retiring from the games. He stated that he wants to coach Premier League teams since that is where he has played the best games, and had the best years. It is also an arena where he has gotten the most respect. He also talked about staying on with England teams. It would probably be in the role of a manager for one of the PremierLeague clubs.

When asked about his current tenure as a coach for the under-18s of Arsenal, he stated that there was much to do. Wilshere had a lot of work cut out for him since they had won only two of nine opening matches. However, the team had already reached the fourth round of the FA Youth Cup. Wilshere also shared his views about managing the team. He stated that the upcoming summer presented a big opportunity for him. He was hopeful to make a mark with the U18 team.